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Why Report Food Poisoning and Food Safety Violation?

By reporting your food poisoning experience, you are helping yourself and others

To Prevent Future Occurence

When you report one incidence, you are reducing the chances of it happening to you or others some other time.

To Detect Outbreaks

Data generated from this crowdsource platform will help to link related cases of foodborne illness, identify the source of contamination, and stop outbreaks of such illnesses.

To Have a Better Food Service Sector

From farm to fork, there will be better food production practices, which will bring about a reduction in the rate of food contamination.

To Create Awareness

On its own, your food poisoning experience may not seem like much. But an awareness is created as people with similar experiences share their stories.

To Control Zoonotic Diseases

Many livestock and pets are lost annually due to foodborne illnesses. Animals also share our susceptibility to some diseases and can serve as early warning signs of the outbreak of such diseases.

To Have Records of Allergies and Drug Reactions

Would it not be great if we knew the percentage of the population that is allergic to certain food ingredients? It will lead to the promotion of allergy-conscious food labelling.